How to Go Live on Instagram

Instagram Stories are now LIVE

One of Instagram’s newest features may be the best thing ever for your business! Instagram Stories LIVE allows you to connect with your audience without having to pre-record material!

This feature began rolling out On Monday, December 12th  in the United States but will eventually roll out to all users over time.

This feature allows you to talk to your followers in real time and read comments from them in real time!  As soon as you decide to go LIVE, your followers will receive a notification that you have started a broadcast, so that they have the opportunity to tune in.

How to Go Live on Instagram

All LIVE stories will show up first in the stories timeline.  This is very similar to the Periscope app, owned by Twitter.

The biggest difference between Instagram Stories and Facebook Live is that in Instagram, the LIVE stories are not stored, therefore, only people who tune in LIVE will be able to see the broadcast.

How to Go Live on Instagram

What should you use Stories LIVE for?

  1. Share an update about something you’re working on or a new product that you have coming out.
  2. Get insight from your audience. Ask them their opinions about a new design or what they’d like to see.
  3. Host a training or offer a tutorial to show your skills.


Now that you know about Instagram stories do you plan to use this feature and if so, how?




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