How to Set Up Your Instagram for Business Account

Finally, the moment all business owners have been waiting for… Instagram has finally unveiled insights for business accounts that will help you grow your account and reach your customers more effectively.

So what’s the fuss?  Well until now, you had to use third party software to understand the best times to post, where the majority of your audience was located and even how many people saw the content that you were posting.  However, with Instagram Insights, that information is right at your fingertips!  Plus, this feature allows you to easily promote your content right from the actual post.

If you haven’t switched your account over to a business account, here’s how it’s done:

  1. Click on the “settings” button in your profile (the gear icon in the upper right hand corner)Instagram for Business- How to Set it Up
  2. Under “Account” click on “Switch to Business Profile”Instagram for Business
  3. Next, you’ll see a prompt that says “Instagram for Business” and the option to continue with your Facebook account below.  *Please note, you MUST have your Facebook account linked to Instagram before you can proceed.*                                                                      Instagram for Business Profile User Name
  4. Select the option to “Continue as…” on the blue button
  5. Select your Facebook Business Page that you want to connect to Instagram and hit NEXT
  6. Add your business contact information  (e.g. E-mail, Phone Number, Address). Make sure this is your business information, since it will be public.
  7. CONGRATS! You now have a business account for your Instagram page!




About the Author Brandelyn

Brandelyn Green is a social media strategist who has cracked the code on growing an online community. As founder of @VoiceOFHair, on online platform to help women of color find the best hairstylists and hairstyles, she was able to grow her instagram account from 0 to 100K in 1 year and currently has a community of over 500K+ women (Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest). She is a consultant and coach for business owners who are looking to grow their business through social media.

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