Instagrams New Carousel Feature

Declutter Your Instagram Page With Slideshows

Instagram continues to surprise and amaze us! On February 22nd, Instagram made an update that is going to make all of our lives simpler; you can now post up to 10 pictures or videos in single post!

Now that may not sound like an earth shattering improvement, but it is! This new enhancement to Instagram helps to eliminate clutter on your precious newsfeed.

Here’s What I Love About It:

  1. Reduces clutter. You can share multiple, related images and videos without having to “SPAM” your audience with content. This is perfect if you take multiple angles or have multiple related videos and images.  Use this when you can’t decide which picture or selfie you like the best!
  2. Only shows the number of likes. It only shows the total number of likes when you post videos combined with pictures, instead of showing the views. I like this because I am not a huge fan of the “views” metric that is displayed because it doesn’t tell me how many engaged with my content– just how many people viewed it.
  3. Great for chronological posts. I can easily recap information in a chronological format.  This feature really helps you tell a complete story. One way I have seen accounts use this effectively is by recapping the top posts from their blog for that week.  Or, by highlighting the steps involved in a tutorial.

What I Don’t Like About It:

  1. Only 1 filter. You can only apply 1 filter to the whole carousel of images and videos.  Sometimes I like to add contrast to my pictures but with this feature you can only apply a filter (e.g. Normal, Clarendon, Juno, etc.) to the entire carousel of images/videos.  If you need this type of customization then you need to add filters before you save the photo/video to your camera roll.
  2. Square images and videos only. All images are automatically zoomed in (or square formatted).  I love posting rectangular, larger images because I believe they capture my audience’s attention better than square images.  Unfortunately, if you use this feature all of your images will be converted to the square format.
  3. You can’t comment on the images/videos individually.  Ideally, you should be posting content that is all related so if a user comments on the slideshow, it should be relevant.  However, if I post 3 videos and an image and someone has a question about one of the video clips then that user may have to specify what clip he/she has the question about. It’s not a deal-breaker for me but it would be a feature I’d like to see in the future.

Here’s how to use the feature:

Step 1: Add Photos To Your Gallery

Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to upload a photo or video as you usually would. If you want to add multiple images to your post, then look for the new layer icon in the bottom right-hand corner.  You can select up to 10 photos and video for your slideshow.

Instagrams New Carousel Feature

Step 2: Adjust The Order

You can rearrange the order of your videos and pictures by dragging and dropping them.

Step 3: Edit Your Images, Add Captions and Location 

When you post your slideshow the caption and location you type will apply to your entire album, along with the total number of likes and comments.

However, you can tag and edit each image in your slideshow by scrolling through each picture and adding the tagged account.  If you want to add a filter to the entire slideshow you can do that as well, but you cannot add a filter to a single image or video in the album (it will apply to all of the media you selected for the album).

How to Use Instagram's Slideshow Feature

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Step 4: Voila! Check out your slideshow

After you’ve posted your new slideshow post, the album icon will appear in the upper right corner so that your followers know that they can scroll through your posts.

How to Use Instagram Slideshow Feature

Photo Courtesy of Instagram

How to Use Instagram Slideshow Feature

Photo Courtesy of Instagram
















Have you used this feature? What do you think of it?



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