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How to use Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to Make Bank

5 Tips For Using Live Streaming to Make Bank on Instagram & Facebook!

There’s one question that every business and brand seem to want to know the answer to How to make money from Instagram?  I will be the first to admit that the formula to using Instagram to generate sales for your business is not always black & white– but it really isn’t as hard as you […]

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How to Get More Followers & LIkes

3 Secrets To Getting More Engagement and Followers in 2017

The Instagram community is growing so fast and that can often be overwhelming if you’re new to the platform. Even if you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you may be wondering how you can get  more people to engage with your content and eventually get more followers. There are many businesses that promise to […]

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5 IG Tips To Get Started on Instagram

5 Steps to Help You Get Started on Instagram

I recently spoke on a panel in Detroit, MI about my experience growing my @VoiceOfHair brand and using social media to drive traffic to your online business. While I was speaking on this panel I was asked a great question that I hadn’t considered recently. Someone asked me: “What advice would you offer to someone […]

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How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

How Instagram Stories Can Grow Your Business

If you’ve been using Instagram lately, then you’ve probably noticed “Stories” at the top of your Newsfeed.  If you’re already in “the know” and use SnapChat, then Instagram Stories will be fairly familiar to you. What are Instagram Stories and How Can You Use them? Instagram explains Stories as “a way of sharing photos and videos […]

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