Photo of Brandy Green

Hi! I’m Brandelyn Green (also known by Brandy by my friends and family).

What do I do?
I help small businesses and entrepreneurs leverage social media to grow their business.
Who am I?
I have a background in engineering and brand marketing.  I’ve worked at some of the worlds most renown brands, such as General Electric, Proctor & Gamble and ConAgra Foods.  In 2014 I left Corporate America to pursue my dreams of launching a startup, VoiceOfHair, to help women find the best hairstyles and hairstylists.  What began as a simple Instagram account quickly grew to a flourishing community of over 300K+ followers on my Instagram account, @VoiceOfHair, of which 100K followers were gained in the first 12 months!  After receiving so many questions from my followers I decided to create an Instagram course, Dominate Instagram,  to help others learn to grow and monetize their Instagram accounts.

I now coach others on how to grow their Instagram account to drive sales based on the success that I’ve had with growing and starting a business on Instagram.

A few things fun things about me:

  • I’m a wife and a mother of a baby girl
  • I’ve lived in 8 states and another country (Sweden) in the last 11 years.  Yes, that was tough but I’ve decided to settle in Austin, TX…for now 🙂
  • I’m a Karaoke FANATIC!
  • I love dance (ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical) and did this for about 12 years in my youth.
  • I am a problem solver at heart.  If there is a problem, I will figure out a way to solve it…period!

I offer personalized coaching and social media management services.  Drop me a note if you are interested in working with me!