How to Get More Followers & LIkes

3 Secrets To Getting More Engagement and Followers in 2017

The Instagram community is growing so fast and that can often be overwhelming if you’re new to the platform. Even if you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you may be wondering how you can get  more people to engage with your content and eventually get more followers.

There are many businesses that promise to get you “real likes” and “real followers” but those are a complete waste of money and effort because the followers and engagement they do generate for you will not become customers for your brand.  So please, whatever you do, don’t buy into this gimmick!

In this post I want to share with you 3 simple things you can do to get more engagement and followers in 2017!

Ready? Let’s get started!

#1). Be Social

It’s called social media for a reason 🙂  Seriously, you have to be social. If you want people to comment and like your photos you need to make sure that you’re doing the same for them.  Everyday, take 15-30 minutes and comment and like your followers posts. Be sure to do this for people who don’t currently follow you but you would like them to follow you.  Also, keep in mind that you do not need to follow everyone that you want to follow your account, however you do need to show them support by engaging with their content.

PRO TIP: Commenting on a post stands out more than liking a post, so if you want someone to reciprocate engagement it’s a good idea to do both. However, you need to leave comments that are genuine.  Those are what people will recognize and notice.  Think about it.  Do you like when people say “Nice” or do you like when they say “Wow that is an amazing photo! I feel like I was in the moment with you!” Meaningful comments lead to meaningful relationships.


Instagram Comments


#2) Leverage Instagram Stories

One of the reasons why your engagement could be lacking is because your audience (no matter the size) is not seeing all of your posts.  Instagram’s algorithm currently limits your organic reach of your followers so unless they have engaged with your content in the last few months chances are they will not see your posts.  It’s not that Instagram is hiding your content, but instead Instagram pushes content to the bottom of the newsfeed if someone hasn’t liked/commented on the accounts content in a while.

What can you do about this? Post great content on Instagram stories! When you post content on Instagram Stories your account  will have a lit ring around it and will show up at the top of your followers’ newsfeed.  This is going to help your account remain top of mind and will remind them or entice them to engage with your posts.  ALSO, if you post good stuff then you could end up on the Explore page, which can help your post go viral, and flood your account with a host of new followers!

PRO TIP: Provide different, unique and targeted content in your Instagram Stories to increase your chances of being on the Explore page.  Remember, getting on the Explore page will increase the engagement of your post and bring you new followers if they like what they see.  Also, if you’re sharing a behind the scenes look or something special you can announce it on your page to make sure your existing followers check it out.

How to Get More Engagement and Followers on Instagram in 2017


#3). Post More Videos

Instagram aims to be a strong video platform and as a result they want more users to share videos.  In exchange Instagram will reward users by allowing you to reach more people (without you having to invest in ad dollars for your posts).  According to Adobe Systems, 52% of marketing professionals say that video content generates the biggest ROI for their business. Why? Because videos help your customers experience your products and service offerings by allowing them to see it in action.

 PRO TIP: Post your videos in the evenings, after 8PM and before 6AM for optimal engagement. This is usually a time when people are not working or at school so they have more time to watch it.

Instagram Video Reach and Views

Implementing the above strategies will help you attract more followers to your page, who can in turn become customers for your business.  If you have questions about your account and want some 1:1 help you can book a 1 hour strategy session with me.




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