How to use Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to Make Bank

5 Tips For Using Live Streaming to Make Bank on Instagram & Facebook!

There’s one question that every business and brand seem to want to know the answer to How to make money from Instagram?  I will be the first to admit that the formula to using Instagram to generate sales for your business is not always black & white– but it really isn’t as hard as you […]

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How to Get More Followers & LIkes

3 Secrets To Getting More Engagement and Followers in 2017

The Instagram community is growing so fast and that can often be overwhelming if you’re new to the platform. Even if you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you may be wondering how you can get  more people to engage with your content and eventually get more followers. There are many businesses that promise to […]

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5 IG Tips To Get Started on Instagram

5 Steps to Help You Get Started on Instagram

I recently spoke on a panel in Detroit, MI about my experience growing my @VoiceOfHair brand and using social media to drive traffic to your online business. While I was speaking on this panel I was asked a great question that I hadn’t considered recently. Someone asked me: “What advice would you offer to someone […]

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Instagram Shadow Ban

How Instagram’s Shadow Ban Ruined My Engagement and How Your Account May Be Affected

Instagram has made a ton of changes to their algorithm over the past year and with that many of us saw a decline in our engagement and following. However, I was not worried initially  because I knew that I had been using all of the proper strategies to continue to grow my account and engagement, […]

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Instagrams New Carousel Feature

Declutter Your Instagram Page With Slideshows

Instagram continues to surprise and amaze us! On February 22nd, Instagram made an update that is going to make all of our lives simpler; you can now post up to 10 pictures or videos in single post! Now that may not sound like an earth shattering improvement, but it is! This new enhancement to Instagram […]

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Instagram Live and Instagram Stories are Liquid GOLD

Why Instagram Stories and Instagram Live Help You Drive Engagement and Followers

It’s been a few months since Instagram has rolled out Instagram Stories and Instagram Live- and let me tell you…these new features are liquid gold! Instagram has given us two of the most powerful ways to connect with our audience: The ability to connect with our audience on a personal level (Instagram stories) The ability […]

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How Coaches, Consultants and Speakers can Grow Their Instagram Account

How Coaches, Consultants and Speakers Can Grow Their Instagram Acccount

Instagram’s biggest appeal is that it is so visually stimulating! It is easy to browse through your feed for 20 to 30 minutes and not realize where the time has gone. This is especially true now that Instagram has extended the video length to 60 seconds (instead of the 15 second limit that was originally […]

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How to Go Live on Instagram

Instagram Stories are now LIVE

One of Instagram’s newest features may be the best thing ever for your business! Instagram Stories LIVE allows you to connect with your audience without having to pre-record material! This feature began rolling out On Monday, December 12th  in the United States but will eventually roll out to all users over time. This feature allows […]

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Instagram on Iphone

Instagram Updates: How to Like & Reply to Comments

Last week Instagram added a much needed feature: the ability to like and reply to comments. This feature may not seem like a big deal if you’re familiar with Facebook.  However, for years users have requested this update. In a blog post Instagram explained how these new features work.  Essentially, you just tap the heart […]

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How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

How Instagram Stories Can Grow Your Business

If you’ve been using Instagram lately, then you’ve probably noticed “Stories” at the top of your Newsfeed.  If you’re already in “the know” and use SnapChat, then Instagram Stories will be fairly familiar to you. What are Instagram Stories and How Can You Use them? Instagram explains Stories as “a way of sharing photos and videos […]

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